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Intersect Apologetics Conference

The Goal

Sell at least 500 out of 700 tickets online.
(Roughly 70% capacity)

When the Intersect team approached us, they wanted to know the best and most efficient way to sell their tickets online for this conference. They thought of radio… they thought of mail-outs… they also thought about social media. At the end of the day it mattered more about the strategy rather than the vehicle, but we steered them towards a powerful Facebook campaign complete with branding, video, email, and retargeting. 

Here’s how we did it…


This was a niche, collegiate-level conference about faith, science, and philosophy.  On a weekend.  Yeah…

Not invoke a strictly “churchy” event…even though it was hosted at a church.

Keynote speakers did not produce a large audience by name recognition alone.


Along with a targeted Facebook Advertising campaign, we had to create the proper sales funnel on Intersect’s website.  Basically, the advertisement would lead them to the website to either get their ticket or “save a spot” for 15 days.  Either way, we had the chance to re-target through other ads and/or email marketing.

Now the hard part…

The Content 

After choosing what platform to run our campaign, we wanted to gain excitement around the topics of discussion occurring at the Intersect Conference.  The idea was to create a little bit of shock, mixed with conversation starters and curiosity.  So we decided to make a video that asked some of the hard questions, like “Does God exist?” “Why does God allow suffering?”, etc.

Our Answer

Create a little controversy that sparked curiosity and organic word-of-mouth on social media.


The Intersect team came to us with a low-res logo that someone put together for them.  We took their concept, added a better modern twist, and assigned the tagline “It’s time for answers…”  The conference was branded around producing answers to hard questions. We decided to make the tagline a bold demand rather than just an answer in itself.

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The website had to be as simple as possible that would effectively communicate about the conference and give a clear call to action.  By condensing everything to a single page, the goal was clear: purchase a ticket.  Through attractive design, easy navigation, and direct call-to-actions, we accomplished our goal.


We believe in the same principle for everything: “Don’t be boring.” If by any chance, you have seen other apologetic conference promotions, most of them are a yawn.

Our targeted audience had to convert from knowing nothing to getting a ticket.  For this reason, we made this conference promotion heavier, focusing on controversial questions that raised eyebrows and ultimately someone’s interest to proceed to the website.

Campaign Video

Dark? Yep. But we had to capture attention and retain the viewer from the beginning to the end.  By boldly asking the “hard” questions we set the expectation that this event was for those truly seeking answers who were, perhaps, disenchanted by cliché ad hominems.

Alternate Video

The Intersect Conference was also being advertised throughout local churches. Because of this, we knew we would be showing this to a different audience. We kept the concept of the previous video and made it less dark. There was not a larger need for captivation and we always want to match the audience we market in front of.

Behind the Scenes


Take a look behind the scenes. When Paper Jacket provides a video production, we plan it out the right way. This concept is not just for our sake as we plan our video, but it also gives the client a sneak preview into our direction so that we are always in sync.


a.k.a Spreading The Word
First, we targeted those interested in topics such as “apologetics” or “debate.” Then we retargeted them via Facebook and email to come back and complete the ticket purchasing process.
Social Media
We chose Facebook as our main platform because we wanted to reach an audience where debate seems inevitable and where people of all ages were not shy to engage in content.
Our campaign was meant to engage with users who would spread the word. We tripled our reach through organic engagement such as sharing, commenting, and “liking” on Facebook and email.

The Results

700 out of 700 were sold out weeks before the event. When the Intersect team opened up additional overflow seats, they sold out in less than 24 hours.

The Results

700 out of 700 were sold out weeks before the event. When the Intersect team opened up additional overflow seats, they sold out in less than 24 hours.

The conference was a huge success!  Both days were filled to capacity and was wildly reviewed.  In fact, one particular lecture was recorded and uploaded on YouTube by an attendee and received more than 62,000+ views!




Tickets Sold

775 sold out of 700.



Fresh Content Produced

Not only did Paper Jacket provide a campaign video, but we also provided marketing pieces for their next event plus a full production of high-quality live recordings and highlight reel of their first year.


Click-Through Rate

Our click-through rate stayed above 4% for all of our ads throughout the campaign. By most metrics in the marketing world, that’s double what is considered a “successful” campaign.”

Link Clicks

We averaged less than $0.17 per click for their advertising budget…that does not count the organic reach that made it an even cheaper rate!

Roll Call 

What We Provided


/ Branding
/ Content Creation
/ Email Marketing
/ Social Engagement


/ Positioning
/ Messaging
/ Graphic Design


/ Storyboarding
/ Video Production
/ Event Filming


/ Website UX Design
/ Development
/ Analytics

The Bottom Line…

If your marketing is not engaging, then you’re going to lose.

It’s time to create a following that truly cares about your brand and the content you create.

Ready to talk about your campaign?