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Little Italy’s

Family Restaurant & Catering

The Goal

Grow their presence online

Little Italy started off as a food truck and purchased a storefront about a year before Paper Jacket came into the picture. Their place was small–sort of a special “hole-in-the-wall”–and their first order of business was to make a better-looking website. They wanted their audience to know that the food they made was truly delicious, authentic and awesome. 

So we went to work…


They didn’t have the greatest store-front exposure.

Their current website needed a major facelift.

Word was still getting out about their food at a slow pace.


Little Italy needed a presence online that portrayed them as unique, family-owned, and “the best kept secret in the New Tampa area.” We didn’t want to make them seem like the next Olive Garden. In fact, we tried to do the opposite and showcase Little Italy as the substitute to chain restaurants that finally came.

The rest was easy…


By having Jessica and Carl show off their food and personalities, more people would fall in love with them and spread the word about Little Italy like wildfire.

That’s literally what happened.

Our Answer

Make an awesome website and provide a social media presence that showcased Jessica and Carl as the best Italian chefs in town – and awesome people.


Little Italy had actually just gotten a new logo. Paper Jacket merely just took the brand and gave it more personality, designing both their new business cards and menu. The strategy behind it all was to show a personal touch and highlight the beautiful food.

In addition, we suggested that they redesign the inside to make it cozy and filled with family pictures, making customers feel like they came to Jessica’s for a home-cooked Italian meal.

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The first thing that Jessica wanted people to see was her food.  Done.  The opening wowed with great pictures, the design of the website showcased their personality, and the simplicity of the website introduced their two menus: store food menu and catering menu. From there, we presented stories about the family and food.


Normally Paper jacket produces high production video content to wow the audience. But to keep with the strategy, we made the content more personal.

So we recorded everything with a cell phone–audio and all. We even shot it vertical so that it looked like a selfie video.

Our first video was of their 18-inch calzone. The video received 5,000 views overnight and totalled over 50,000 views within 4 months, including over 3,000 clicks to their website.

Other Social Media Videos


Little Italy had 1,200 followers on Facebook before Paper Jacket came along. Now, they are over 2,000+ followers.  In only a few months, they celebrated record-breaking crowds and sales increases within the first year. We simply provided Facebook Management, Facebook Advertising and a website to showcase their true selves: being awesome.


a.k.a Spreading The Word
Proper targeting or local people with common interests on Facebook led to crazy organic reach. Word-of-mouth has never been easier to spark.
Social Media
Facebook exposure and proper engagement with the audience. Little Italy always aimed to never be boring.
Through the advertising, new website, new brand, and new layout inside the restaurant, the exposure for Little Italy grew immensely.

The Results

Record breaking sales and growth.

The Results

Record-breaking sales and growth.

Little Italy has been crowded every night in their restaurant, the catering gigs are calling left and right, and their stamp in the community is rising. In this situation, Paper Jacket was merely just the ones to help fan the flame. It was Jessica’s dedication to engaging with her audience that gave us the platform to give them this type of growth. All she needed was a little boost of content and representation to shine.


Website hits per month

Mama mia!

Video views

…on just one of their videos. Most of their views were through organic reach!

Facebook fans

In 2 years, they were at 1,200 fans. After this year: over 2,700+ to date.

Organic Reach Per Day

Did someone say “viral?”

Roll Call 

What We Provided


/ Content Creation
/ Facebook Ads
/ Social Engagement


/ Positioning
/ Messaging
/ Graphic Design


/ Video Production
/ Video Editing
/ Directing


/ Website UX Design
/ Development

The Bottom Line…

If your marketing is not engaging, then you’re going to lose.

It’s time to create a following that truly cares about your brand and the content you create.

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