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Reading Corner Online

The Goal

Sell a butt-load of downloadable curriculum to parents/teachers of early learners (Early Preschool-Kindergarten).  

It may sound simple, but how do you sell PDF’s at a rate that actually generates a good business revenue?  Aside from parents of students who already experienced the physical school, how can Karen increase her brand influence to attract interest and get enough curriculum into the hands of parents/teachers for them to see the value? 


• The brand of The Reading Corner was only known locally.

• Downloadable PDF’s should not be expensive to purchase, which means that quantity matters.

• Selling through a typical e-commerce platform did not generate many purchaes.

The Take-Away 

Karen Green needed to build a brand and leverage her amazing curriculum to solve problems that parents/teachers were facing.  When Paper Jacket first sat down with Karen and her husband, Andy, we had to be honest with them: The bad news: it was going to take time; the GOOD NEWS: it was going to snowball into something amazing.

We knew that the typical e-commerce experience, buying each PDF piece-by-piece, was not what their target audience would want.  This is why we came up with a subscription-based model where a monthly/yearly membership could give all access to the curriculum.

From there, although the brand of The Reading Corner needed to stay consistent, the magic was going to be in how we positioned Karen Green as the guru and guide.  This eventually led to Karen being able to sell virtual school options that utilized the online curriculum and gave parents the confidence that their child was learning from the best of the best.

Our Answer

First: build a Netflix-like platform where a member subscription gives complete access to the hundreds of pieces of curriculum.  Second: brand Karen.


To do branding right, it takes a few steps.  First, we had to optimize the Reading Corner brand to make the messaging clear about what they were selling: the confidence to teach.  We had to make sure that Reading Corner Online answered the internal feeling of parents thinking, “I feel lost… I just want to help prepare my child well for their learning.”

By positioning Karen as the guide and Reading Corner Online as the resource, we made sure that everything–from visuals to the copy to the website experience–helped transform parents/teachers from feeling overwhelmed, nervous and afraid of missing the mark to feeling confident, well-equipped, and on the path to success.


Even though we were building a robust website, video was going to be the main thrust of the messaging.  By capturing the message that we needed in a concise and engaging explainer video, we were able to embed the video on their website for brand new visitors as well as use the same video for online ad campaigns.

From there, we continued to use video to capture some of the everyday teachings that Karen was doing WITH the curriculum for even better guidance for members who were downloading and using the curriculum.  

Explainer & Promo Video

Karen Green explains how Reading Corner Online works, why it’s important, and how parents/teachers can sign up.

Some Other Videos
Virtual School Promo

When 2020 locked us indoors, Karen Green was able to immediately pivot and use her Reading Corner Online platform to teach virtual school. 

Curriculum Example

Here’s one of the videos that we put together using the curriculum from Karen Green.


The website that needed to be created had to be the main thrust behind the business. We built a member subscription to a Netflix-type of online library filled with curriculum, teaching activities, and video from The Reading Corner school geared towards helping children from Early Preschool through Elementary master literacy and math from a young age.  We needed to make sure that it felt simple and engaging on the front end while still being robust and highly functional on the back end.


a.k.a Spreading The Word
Ad Campaigns

In addition to our desire to grow the brand of Karen Green and Reading Corner Online through organic means, we harnessed the power of Facebook/Instagram advertising and retargeting to get traction to the website. 

Social Media

We helped Karen Green elevate her presence on social media, particularly on Instagram where we would position graphics and IG stories to intrigue parents and help them get to know the master behind the curriculum.

Email Marketing

When someone downloads some sample material from the website, this captures their information to start several email drip campaigns to eventually convert prospects into paying customers.  This was a strong factor in the success of Reading Corner Online.

The Results

770% increase in sales after first year

Over the past few years, Reading Corner Online continues to gain traction.  The amazing part is that because of how we grew the brand, Reading Corner Online has taken off with less than $5,000 spent on online advertising!  

Roll Call

What We Provided


/ Content Creation
/ Copywriting
/ Facebook Ads
/ Social Engagement


/ Positioning
/ Messaging
/ Graphic Design


/ Script writing
/ Video Production
/ Animations


/ Website UX Design
/ Development

The Bottom Line…

Reading Corner Online had to build a brand that, by its nature, developed Brand Advocates.  By making the brand attractive, clear, and compelling, it set the stage for us to engage with others on social media, email marketing, and even conventions.  

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?