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I Hate SEO and You Should Too (Part 2)

by | May 11, 2019


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(if you haven’t read Part 1 of this blog yet, start there)

3. Know what type of SEO you need

The reality is that it is sometimes NOT the best strategy to invest tons of money in being the top-ranked website. When I say that, I’m talking to the local service companies that only serve a particular radius of consumers. To out-rank Yelp or Thumbtack is just not in your budget. That doesn’t mean you don’t try and at least slowly invest! But there is a better way to approach it to help you get business and brand awareness quicker. Here are my suggestions for situations such as these.

  1. Utilize Local Listings as your SEO. Rank well in the local listings section of a Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engine result. Many times a restaurant, realtor, or local service company is searched as “‘[insert name/type of business/industry] near me.” When it comes to ranking on local listings versus ranking your website, the cost is immensely lower. We have some good ideas in your approach to this.
  2. Use Social Media. Social media is an important aspect to rank your website, but it still is small. Again, it’s mostly in the strategy. The reality is that social media does not lead people to your website near as well as it used to. For example, Facebook loves to keep you there. They have created tools to make as much business happen right on Facebook rather than your website. They’re not just a hub that links out. They are an empire. So use the empire to your advantage. Check out some our social media strategies for that here.
  3. Advertise. Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising (which also connects to Instagram advertising). Google Adwords will automatically rank you well and you can control costs better by turning it off and on. Facebook ads are still super cheap. OMG, they’re so cheap. If you are not retargeting with Facebook, you’re losing on some big-time business.


4. Keywords are not your (main) strategy

Keywords will always be important because they are words. It’s hard to communicate about the subject of “dogs” without using the word “dogs.” But you must build your content more around the keyword that creates engagement. I know I keep saying that, but user engagement is how you will rank better right now, I promise.
Still do a keyword strategy, but don’t make THAT your strategy.

5. Have fun

This sort of goes back to our Stop Be Boring blog, but the truth is that if you are having a good time with your content, so will the consumer. Positive vibes create other positive vibes, thus will help grow your audience, engagement, and business.

6. Here’s a bonus: Your followers are not always your customers.

I have to admit something to you: I love Gary Vaynerchuk. But I’ve never bought anything from him. He’s never seen a dime from me. But that has not stopped me from talking about him, sharing his content, or investing in his “belief.” The reality is that he probably has seen dollars from me through my interaction and praise of him (who knows). But the truth is that he is actually built from that type of business and marketing. He wants to grow his audience. He doesn’t expect everyone who interacts with him to be a customer.

If you create content with that attitude, you’ll in-turn create great content that creates more customers. It’s kind of like exercising. You don’t see results right away like other people, but you are still maintaining better health that will make a huge difference in the long run. Just because something does not happen fast does not mean it’s not working. I could use the example of my weight on the other end. While I do not think I’ve gained much weight, if someone sees me for the first time in four years, they see the difference. That’s my small “life-comparison” for the day.

In closing, make creative content that you enjoy and would engage with. Others will also enjoy it and engage with it. It will also help your SEO.


SEO is a finish line we’re always chasing. Stop getting upset about not crossing the finish line and start enjoying the run. Start the steady pace and get faster over time. It will truly help you grow your business for now and in the future.