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Loki’s Laughable Logo

by | Jul 22, 2019


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When it comes to logo design, we don’t all have to be graphic designers to look at something and see if it just works. Or not. This past weekend, Marvel released a ton of bright and flashy new logos for their Phase 4 cinematic lineup.

Of course, we see some familiar titles such as Thor and Doctor Strange, along with some new adventures with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The important thing to know is each of the logos immediately encapsulates the vibe for the movie and sets our imagination running. They excite us and capture our interest.

With Doctor Strange, we get an eerie, mystical, and magical vibe. The new Thor logo gives a very distinct “old comic” feeling that builds off of the previous Thor: Ragnarok film (which is the best Marvel movie. No, I don’t and won’t ever take criticism on this). As Shang-Chi is new to many of us who don’t keep up with the comics, we initially get a sense of epic Kung-Fu battles awaiting for us in the East. All of these logos perfectly encapsulate the characters and themes of the movies they’re going to be representing in one harmonious and straightforward image.

But then you see it.

The Loki logo.

And you have to stop and wonder. Wow, Disney, for a company with a bajillion dollars and hundreds of focus groups probably having laid eyes on this monstrosity, you really, absolutely dropped the ball on this one, huh? Honestly. What am I looking at here?

Now, to understand why they may have gone with this kind of logo, we need to step back and think of a few words that initially describe Loki himself. Mischievous, dark, and most importantly, chaotic. There’s even simple imagery we think of when we hear his name: the color green, his iconic helmet, ice, and more. Any of these elements could have been incorporated fluidly into the logo to give the definitive “Loki experience”. However, instead, we are given this amalgamation of horror that hurts my eyes.

If any of the other logos titles were changed to something completely random, we’d still be able to get a cohesive theme and emotion of what they are trying to convey. Thor’s new logo would still have that old comic-book vibe, and Shang-Li would still feel Eastern. Now, with Loki? I’m not sure the same could possibly be said. Quite frankly, if it wasn’t called Loki, I’m not sure anyone would even know what the movie would be about upon first glance (which is kind of the point of a logo). Needless to say, I am still excited for the series, no doubt. But when it comes to spreading the message and exciting viewers who may be skeptical, this probably isn’t the way to go.

Now, this isn’t to say there’s one definitive way to create a great logo. Complex doesn’t necessarily mean bad, and simple doesn’t necessarily mean boring. However, the goal should always be to be clear, conscience, and convey the tone of your brand. It’s about expressing your personality and capturing the attention of the audience with one quick glance. Even if your logo doesn’t explicitly say what your company is about, it should be memorable and clear to viewers. When your logo is jumbled, cluttered, hard-to-read, and sloppy, it conveys these exact thoughts and feelings towards the audience.

So, the Loki logo might be a failure, but at least it ended up generating a good amount of discussion on social media. Looks like there’s no shortage of Marvel fans creating their own logos for the film, either. Thanks, Twitter! These are beautiful.

This logo was originally created by @bosslogic. Many fans prefer it over the official logo and have been sharing it around social media. It’s been mistaken for official content multiple times, most likely due to the professionalism and clarity of the design.

Another fan-made logo in attempts to realize the character more immediately by combining a more recognizable font, the color green, and Loki’s iconic helmet.

Oh, and we can’t forget the wonderful logo designs by those poking fun at the original. 

Thanks guys, we love them.